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Harry wants to be a doctor.

Don't mess with me!

Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff.

Will you do what you're told, for once?

I have to change it.

Lloyd is convinced that's a good idea.

I can make a call.

The crowd is going nuts.

There is a map on the desk.

Hours pass, and she's counting the minutes.

Hazel comes here three times a month.


Ivory Coast is the world's biggest cocoa producer.

There's nothing inside.

Carole is not as well off as he used to be.


Ssi is too busy to see you at present.

I was surprised by his perseverance.

Have you met Fritz yet?


Every day you should at least listen to a short song, read a good poem, look at a beautiful picture, and, if possible, say several intelligent words.


The truth hurts.

Price cooks chicken just the way Dorothy likes it.

Mahmoud could do no more.

Sun lights the landscape, pain illuminates the soul.

What languages do they speak in Canada?

They said Walter was dead.

The old clock has stood on the shelf for years.


This car gets good gas mileage.

I can't believe I let Colin do that.

The two children were of an age.

Don't you worry about a thing.

I've never liked Naren.

It's shameful to treat a child so cruelly.

An animal can be much more dangerous when injured.

I tried Buddhist meditation once, but I fell asleep halfway through the session.

How do you want me to fix this phone without knowing what's wrong with it?

Murray wanted Karen to talk to John.

I've been working since I was sixteen years old.

If I had more money, I could move to a bigger house.

I thought Sanche might be waiting for us in front of the station.

Creditors have better memories than debtors.

I thought that you were Lar's uncle.

Would you put on the air conditioning?

Nicholas is stingy.

Who gave Nathan that black eye?

If you are American, you have a citizen duty for your country.

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I have to find them now.

He stole my watch.

That is not my pen.

Winston doesn't know that Bertrand is in love with him.

Yes, she's at home.

I must go.

Of course, innocent people were released.

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He lied to you.

Alan's boss is much-maligned, but Shirley's always found him reasonable.

I haven't picked my bridesmaids yet.

Take me home immediately.

I'm worried about him.


We've got all night.

Can you forgive me?

Naim often talks to himself.

That store is exceptionally expensive.

Mechael thought that Kirsten was probably not going to attend the event.

Maybe it's destiny.

He is looking at something non-existent.

The need for theoretical and practical preparation is obvious.

He is blinded by love.

She is devoted to sport.

The flowers in the garden are very beautiful.


Who did Rajendra run away with?

She looked me angrily in the face.

He's a liar, and you're another.

Kirsten may change.

My pen has been stolen.

I only told you what Sundaresan told me.

I thought I was her best friend.

Can you get a day off?

An accident is often brought about by a bit of carelessness.

They pretended ignorance.

As far as I can, I'll help you.

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How do I know you didn't do it?

That really fierce cockroach uglifies the so-called robot.

I thought I told you not to come here.

I am drinking coffee.

He is an able banker.

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She blackmailed him.

Bring Stevan back. I need her.

Don't say anything, OK?

Go jump in the lake.

Have you ever washed your face with body soap?

I admire the pianist for her great skill.

Newspapers are sold in the kiosk.

Srinivas is always online.

I think that Maarten is a part of the conspiracy.

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Howard isn't an artist.

Let's not worry about what others are doing.

There was nowhere we could hide.

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Woe to boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home! They will never be happy in this world, and when they are older they will be very sorry for it.

Dan and Linda met an elderly couple at the park.

No passengers were killed in the accident.

It might be possible to contact Roxie.

His honesty cannot be doubted.

I'll take three of each sort.

He doesn't have his phone on him.

He and I are professors.

Since PlayStation 2 came out the game software store shelves have bloomed riotously with colorful new titles.

It was supposed to be kept secret.

Who exactly are the poor in spirit?

I can often hear pigeons cooing outside my bedroom window.

I can not seem to explain to you how difficult it is.

I am ready to give up my position.

You've both been very impressive today. I'm proud of you.

I'd like to see that movie.

Nicholas is on his way to Boston.

I like vocal music better than instrumental music.

Go ahead and ask her.


I don't talk to anyone who's that status-conscious.

Novels aren't being read as much as they used to be.

Dan accused Linda of stealing rations.

There's no air conditioning.

Who else could've done it?

Sometimes they go by bus, and sometimes by car.

I know I left it somewhere down here in the basement.

Nikolai isn't handling it very well.

He saw in her eyes that she still loved him and hope arose inside him.

We're going to have good weather for awhile.

The problem is complicated by his personality.


We all consider it wrong to cheat on the test.

I like to talk to kids.

They captured the great Belgian port of Antwerp.


Roxana is a really nice person.

They know I know.

What'll you tell him?

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I want to hold them.

Could you wake me up when Ben gets here?

They said they're happy.

I want to be sure Courtney is innocent.

You can call me any time.

Please buy a tube of toothpaste.

Cathryn doesn't usually eat dessert.

Her smile made her look even more beautiful.

Sanjeev is younger than you might think.

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I didn't know you were a surgeon.

Our planet, Earth, is always in motion.

Sleep problems are called insomnia.

A child needs a mother.

We won't hear from Irwin.

Grey translations are indirect translations. In other words, they are translations of the translations, and not translations of the main sentence (the main sentence is the sentence in big letters).

Do all corresponding modifications, please.


I have no reason not to trust her.

Do I have to know him?

They betrayed me.

My boss would not let me leave work early.

Mixing with people at a party can be terrifying for shy people.

What are you doing these days?

Manny wants to be a unicorn so girls will ride him.


The president takes office tomorrow.

Michael doesn't usually stay up late at night.

The derivatives of space with respect to time are velocity, acceleration, and jerk.

Lorien has a safety deposit box.

Let's hope Micky got our message.

I need a lamp.

That still doesn't give us much time.

I think you're going to have problems with Teruyuki.

I feel like translating has become very unenjoyable.


That's never happened to me before.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

He worked hard in order to get the prize.

That's what they don't understand.

When was the last time you had your hair cut?


He operated the new machine.

She was coming down the stairs.

I'm really going to enjoy myself.

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So, why don't you just go?

What have you ever done for us?

My mother is sick with a bad cold.

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.

Tricia went to Boston to attend a conference.